What happens where, when and above all: How fast? And if not fast enough, why not? LiveAction provides immediate answers to these essential questions with the help of leading visual processing of the traffic flows and their analysis via the OSI layer.

The management of complex networks is thus greatly simplified. Those responsible regain control of their network through comprehensive visibility of all processes and proactive, comprehensive notifications of performance bottlenecks in LAN/WAN/Cloud, which significantly reduces the mean time to repair (by up to 90%). operating costs are significantly reduced.

The LiveNX monitoring platform is LiveAction’s flagship product. It primarily uses SNMP and all types of Flow for information retrieval line. These statistics can be extended via API with metrics from third-party management systems such as Cisco (vManage, DNA Center, ISE), Servicenow, AWS, Microsoft, Fortinet, Palo Alto, etc.



Pascal Carmohn
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