Keep Secrets (And Friends) Close With Keeper Security Password Management

Feb 28, 2023 | Blog, News

There’s a saying that holds true when considering password protection and management for the typical diversity of computing devices: “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.”

And it’s why Keeper Security solutions for password protection for unlimited devices come with such a high rating from us at QBS.

First of all, Keeper and QBS have formed and continue to develop a strong relationship that delivers optimum support whenever needed. That means access to best practice including world-class training and support around the clock.

Secondly, partners and customers leveraging the straightforward design of Keeper Security solutions easily create high-strength, random passwords and securely share them on demand. In fact, we found that Keeper is simply a joy to use, regardless of device or browser in question.

Each employee can have Keeper on unlimited devices, making it simpler than ever to ensure company-wide protection. In addition, updates and innovation that respond to threat dynamics mean organisations ‘keep enemies close’ by understanding them better, delivering the best chance of countering attempted attacks.
Keeper deploys in minutes for advanced visibility, security and control, allowing organisations to keep up with the latest threat intelligence. Access levels can be fine-tuned on demand per critical data and credential, using role-based, least-privilege principles and tracking all user activity.

Reassess password management regularly

Data and information are precious commodities. Protection relies heavily on password strength, even when ‘passwordless’ options such as biometrics are adopted. Keeper Security enables organisations to consistently and correctly utilise strong and unique passwords for all their accounts, as well as storing passwords in a secure, encrypted vault.

And its zero-trust and zero-knowledge password management goes beyond that. Keeper stored data is encrypted in cipher text: it cannot be accessed and is impossible for humans or machines to read.

Contact us to compare Keeper Security with the alternatives – click here and fill in the form.

( Photo by regularguy.eth on Unsplash )

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