When Network Troubleshooting Is Costly And Inefficient, Customers Need LiveAction

Apr 24, 2023 | Blog, News

Too many network management tools can end up making diagnosing issues expensive and inefficient – as pointed out in a new Forrester Consulting report.

Today however, LiveAction software stands head-and-shoulders above the crowd for its ability to solve challenges that block efficient network monitoring and flow analytics.

For netops, this can make all the difference, which is why LiveAction has joined our line-up of high-growth specialist vendors at QBS Orchestra.

Achieve best-in-class network visibility

Originally founded to to assist network operations for the US Department of Defense, LiveAction delivers a full-fledged network intelligence platform for network performance monitoring and management that also enables organisations to efficiently monitor and analyse flows.

No longer are customers forced to rely on patchworks of different solutions.

LiveAction’s unique selling points include:

  • comprehensive visibility across campus, branch, datacentre, public cloud, WAN, and SD-WAN
  • advanced behavioural analysis and machine learning for threat detection and security compliance
  • transparency of network and application performance across multi-vendor, multi-domain and -multi-cloud networked environments
  • sophisticated reporting and analytics

Forrester reported an astonishing ROI of 153% over three years, with payback on the full investment in LiveAction achieved in just 12 months.

One key is LiveNX’s innovative visual display, real-time network traffic monitoring, and deep control of routers and switches. ThreatEye delivers AI-driven deep-packet threat detection even across encrypted network traffic, with insights available to be acted on in real time.

And the LiveWire high-speed packet capture solution plugs visibility gaps in places where data detail has been elusive – whether you’re talking about remote locations or the cloud. By converting packets into flow data, LiveWire informs LiveNX with this additional intelligence.

Enable customers to slash cost and complexity with LiveAction’s network intelligence platform, consolidating tools and applications yet enhancing granularity of view. In just a few clicks, network teams can have real-time network forensics at their fingertips, adding value through faster troubleshooting, increased productivity and eliminated manual processes.

If you’re a reseller, MSP, systems integrator or global sales partner (GSP) targeting large enterprises in any vertical, LiveAction can deliver intuitive, comprehensive monitoring and analysis for optimal network and application performance.

(Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)

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