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Dec 19, 2022 | Blog, Resources

“Especially as the pandemic-related closures of office buildings have fundamentally changed the way companies work in recent years, we are proud to have DocuSign on board as a partner with whom we can offer DocuSign’s increasingly important solutions such as e-signatures and digital contract management to our customers in Europe,” said Marcus Denner, General Manager Europe of QBS Software, during the partnership announcement.

As an official distribution partner of DocuSign, we provide access to DocuSign eSignature and Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) in the European channel.
With us as a DocuSign partner, you and your customers benefit not only from great conditions, but above all from our expertise, which enables us to provide you with excellent advice on large as well as small projects.

E-signatures have become an integral part of everyday work. In parallel, customer expectations have also changed towards speed, ease of use and flexibility.

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A survey conducted by DocuSign, which polled nearly 2,000 decision makers in organizations worldwide, shows that 95% of organizations are either using e-signatures, evaluating e-signature vendors, or plan to purchase a solution in the future. In addition to increased security, users of e-signatures rate productivity, speed, improved ease of use, increased revenue, availability of legal proof, and also the positive impact on the environment as key business benefits.

Modern e-signature platforms, such as DocuSign‘s solution, meet the most stringent security standards, including ISO 27001:2013, SOC 1 Type 2, and SOC 2 Type 2, which is also accepted as a standard in healthcare, finance, and government. On top of that, electronic signatures are much more difficult to forge than handwritten signatures because they automatically generate an electronic record of operations that can be accessed in the event of an audit. The eIDAS regulation in force in the European Union, which recognizes three types of electronic signatures, means that e-signatures are not only secure but, above all, legal.

With DocuSign’s e-signature technology, your customers can quickly reduce costs and accelerate revenue. According to DocuSign research, companies save an average of 33 € per signed contract by eliminating certain costs, such as paper and waste, and making employees more productive.

DocuSign eSiganture is the world’s #1 way to send and sign from virtually anywhere, anytime. The solution has been used in far more than one billion transactions by over 1,2 million customers in 44 languages in over 180 countries and supports more than 400 integrations with the most popular business applications, including Microsoft, Salesforce, Google and more.


In addition to the e-signature solution, DocuSign also has Contract Lifecycle Management in its portfolio to make contract processes smarter and, above all, more efficient.

DocuSign’s Contract Lifecycle Management software enables proactive, automated management of the contract process from creation through negotiation and signing to ongoing management and storage.

Especially for expanding companies, the volume of sales contracts often quickly exceeds the capacity of a small legal team, which often has to negotiate and review all contracts manually. This results in delays in the sales process and frustrated employees and customers, which is a potential risk and could ultimately even slow down company growth. 

Innovative and fast-growing companies are therefore using contract management software solutions such as DocuSign’s Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM). With the software, contract processes are simpler and more efficient, and immediate contract challenges can be responded to quickly and cost-effectively.

DocuSign CLMs core features:

      • Document Creation
        Sales teams can create new, accurate contracts using Salesforce or another data system. Preconfigured templates are automatically populated with legally approved wording as well as customer data.
      • Collaboration
        The CLM solution serves as a central location where all parties can easily collaborate and manage contracts.
      • Workflows
        Automated workflow of contracts based on business rules, such as the type of agreement or the amount decided in the contract. Who to sign or review next is handled by the software. Once the review is complete, the software can automatically take further steps, such as storing the contract in the correct location or forwarding it to billing or provisioning..
      • Electronic signature
        With seamless digital signing capabilities, DocuSign’s contract management solution significantly reduces the wait for signatures.
      • Data storage
        Contracts are stored in a centralized and searchable location, saving legal teams valuable time. The software also enables advanced control of user rights.
      • Data analytics
        Tracking milestones and contract obligations is made easier for legal teams. In addition, the software solution can identify high-risk clauses in a negotiated contract.
      • Integration
        By connecting with Salesforce and other existing systems, DocuSign CLM reduces redundant, manual tasks and allows employees to continue working with the software solutions they already know and use.

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