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ASG-RD – the ideology behind ASG Remote Desktop is a powerful tool made by administrators for administrators. It is perfect for administrative access to a variety of servers and clients. Furthermore it allows you to manage connections simultaneously in a comfortable way. Almost every application or website can be launched directly from ASG-RD. Windows-, Citrix-, Linux/Unix- and Macintosh-Systems can be managed easily through ASG-RD’s optimized interface. Important to know is the multitude of protocols available beyond RDP, and also the authorization-management as part of the integrated security concept. Another feature is the multi-user-capability in database mode, in contrary to the file based single-user mode. Another important point is the option to integrate external apps through the central console, an easy way of starting websites- and services. Easy handling and great practicality makes ASG RD a user friendly experience.

The following features have been added since the first release of ASG Remote Desktop 2018:

  • Integration of different password managers (Thycotic Secret Server, KeePass, Team Password Manager, Pleasant Password Server, Password Safe and Password Manager Pro)
  • Integration of Integration Chromium Browser
  • Support for logins from untrusted domains
  • Powershell API extension
  • Import of RDP files
  • Enhancements and usability improvements

The latest ASG Remote Desktop 2021 release includes long-awaited enhancements such as a redesigned user interface, a modern design, optimized toolbar customization options and improved docking functionality.

Other new features:

  • New interface skins to customize the appearance
  • Use of vector graphics to avoid scaling problems on high-resolution screens
  • Diverse search, grouping, and sorting options, as well as numerous filtering options in many areas

All new features at a glance

You can immediately upgrade to the new version with a valid subscription.

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