Articulate discontinues support for Storyline 3

Mar 24, 2023 | Blog, News

Storyline 3 will receive a final update in April 2023. It will continue to work for all users, but will only receive bug fixes resulting from OS upgrades, browser updates, and security vulnerabilities after the final April release.

Below are some FAQ:

      • Will SL3 still work after April?
        Yes, the product will still be fully functional, but it will no longer receive new innovations. All product updates will be available in Articulate 360.
      • What if there are bugs in SL3?
        Articulate has frozen the development of Storyline 3, meaning no changes will be made to the product in the future. Issues will continue to be fixed as they arise from operating system upgrades, browser updates, and security vulnerabilities.
      • Will compatibility between SL3 and A360 be affected?
        Yes, compatibility will be affected, Project file compatibility between Storyline 360 and Storyline 3 will no longer be maintained.
      • When is the exact date of the final release?
        The exact date will be confirmed shortly before the release. It will be in the month of April.
      • Will SL3 be discontinued by Articulate in the near future (no bug fixes or support of any kind)?
        Currently there are no plans for SL3 to be discontinued.

This latest release is an event that may prompt some Storyline 3 users to upgrade to software with additional features and further innovation.

To facilitate this transition, customers with a Storyline 3 license who have not previously purchased a 360 subscription can receive a discount on the purchase of 360 Teams for a limited time.


A360 Team 1 year subscription US-Dollar Savings in $
Commercial $ 1.149 $ 250
Academic $ 599 $ 100


      • Offer applies to 360 Teams (NEW) subscriptions only – Year 1, this offer does not apply to renewals, additional seats or upgrades during the term.
      • The above prices are end user prices. You will receive your regular A360 reseller discount on the above pricing.
      • The offer expires on April 30, 2023. Unfortunately, orders received after April 30, 2023 12:00 CET cannot be considered.
      • This offer cannot be combined with quantity discounts or other special offers.
      • To take advantage of this offer, a valid Storyline v3 serial number is required for each workstation. (For example, if a customer has only one SL3 serial number but wants to purchase two seats, they can purchase one Seat at the special price and the other Seat at the regular price).
      • Customers who take advantage of this offer do not give up their Storyline v3 license

Please note: each Storyline Key-Serial Number will be pre-screened at Articulate to see if it qualifies for the offer.