Miro is a fast, free, and simple-to-use digital whiteboard built to help you collaborate visual with others any time, anywhere.

Better than your average whiteboard, Miro is an infinite canvas that helps you ideate, strategize, get organized, and work with your team.

Compuwave is official distributor of Miro, the online collaboration platform provider named by g2.com as the Fastest Growing Product 2021.

  • Meetings & Workshops
    Run productive, engaging online remote meetings and workshops with your team.
  • Ideation & Brainstorming
    Build and develop ideas with distributed teams as if you were in the same room, anywhere, anytime.
  • Research & Design
    Co-create and align with cross-functional stakeholders on a collaborative, online whiteboard.
  • Agile Workflows
    Supercharge your agile process with collaborative retrospectives, sprint planning, and huddle boards.
  • Strategy & Planning
    Stay on the pulse of distributed projects with an online whiteboard to plan, coordinate and discuss.
  • Mapping & Diagramming
    Explain complex processes and systems with visual mapping and diagramming.

Scale collaboration with confidence
With enterprise-ready security and advanced administration controls, deploy Miro company-wide with ease. A dedicated Customer Success and Account Manager will partner with you every step of the way to ensure your team’s success and train you on best practices we’ve picked up from other enterprise customers.


Sandra Spirgatis
[email protected]

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