CoreView Centralises Transparent View Of Management Tasks, Permissions And More

Feb 21, 2023 | Blog, News

Enterprises increasingly need a strong centralisation platform with enhanced management advantages, including around licensing and permissions management – especially if that empowers IT teams working with Microsoft 365 (M365).

CoreView can be a top choice

CoreView’s powerful, centralised reporting engine means teams can make changes and adjust settings at pace, while addressing challenges directly, based on reporting in a platform that massively reduces the need for manual labour. Hybridised, hectic working environments are continually evolving across many organisations, and the task of managing the software is never-ending.
IT teams can be empowered to manage their own users, via a single centralised tenant, with control cascaded down and delegated where beneficial.

With CoreView, whether you’re managing multiple deployments in a single large enterprise or a gaggle of subsidiaries from a parent headquarters, the full 360-degrees of timely oversight required can be delivered over tools like Microsoft Teams and Microsoft SharePoint.
It hardly bears mentioning, after all, that things like Teams in particular often do more and more heavy lifting for an organisation these days.

Now with Teams Advanced Add-On

CoreView’s CoreSuite offers a Teams Advanced Add-On too, delivering even more detail on usage. Real-time analysis of call quality by department, geography, or company is invaluable for troubleshooting issues. The M365 environment isn’t set up to handle today’s level of remote sprawl, being itself a mish-mash of cloud and on-prem with multiple tenants.

CoreView automated workflows can sort through processes, safely separate an employee’s data, free up unused licenses, and more. Common tasks like onboarding and off-boarding employees can be done in consistent, repeatable ways. Additionally, CoreView delivers license optimisation by leveraging multiple sources to see if a license is active, making it a breeze to identify and address licensing issues.

Free health checks for your customers environment are available

Those are just a few reasons why QBS is driving sales across the partner community – from M365 reseller specialists to consultants and systems integrators – with CoreView, including full support. Contact us to discuss your detailed needs and required benefits.

( Photo by DeepMind on Unsplash )