Crack The ‘Nut’ Of M365 Management With ShareGate, Ensure All-Year Productivity With Governance

Oct 23, 2023 | Blog


With ShareGate as your go-to Microsoft 365 (M365) management tool, you’ll drive best practice out of the box whether you have a major migration or project or need to keep it all ‘clean’ and secure.

Rated above competitors in 2023 by G2 reviews for data migration, data variety and data replication management abilities, ShareGate delivers a straightforward path to M365 migrations including for SharePoint and Teams, including strong reporting and secure management functionality.

Here are just 10 tasks made easier with ShareGate

Organisations use ShareGate to:

  • manage Teams and Microsoft 365 groups
  • copy content and manage change at pace
  • manage and audit SharePoint permissions
  • manipulate metadata in bulk
  • build governance policy
  • monitor SharePoint and Teams
  • accelerate M365 adoption and optimisation
  • streamline user experience
  • turn a site into a site collection
  • empower support, reduce helpdesk tickets

Unmanaged environments have hidden costs

With ShareGate, partners and end customers can unlock savings in time and money, implementing governance best practice, including automated policy compliance – delivering knock-on rises in productivity.

Too often, management challenges are solved with an ad-hoc approach, serving to create snarls and tangles in process and workflow down the track.

Initially cost-effective ‘DIY’ scripted solutions typically also require maintenance and development time – and to boot can’t typically deliver full automation in collaboration with the end user.

It can be easier than that.

Instead, keep creeping process inefficiencies at bay with correct, clean M365 management and migration powered by ShareGate, available for the desktop or as a special Nintex version for tackling Nintex migrations.

And with ShareGate, not only is provisioning made easy but users can be guided to the right tools from the start for better self-service.

In a nutshell, ShareGate enables organisations to better manage and understand both content inventory, as well as manipulate and act on it all in a compliant, governance-friendly way. ShareGate simplifies so many tasks – whether mundane, high-stakes or anything in between.

Give us a call at QBS to discuss your specific pain points with M365. We’re certain ShareGate has a solution that targets your requirement. In Germany, we’re on +49 (0) 89 231 4142 0 – or simply click here to send a message.