E-Mail Security in Business Everyday: Why Qiata by Secudos is the Future of Secure Communication

Nov 14, 2023 | Blog


Sending quotes and invoices, scheduling appointments, exchanging ideas with colleagues: emails are the number one communication tool in the business world. In fact, each employee receives an average of up to 42 emails per day, a significant increase compared to the 26 emails in 2020.

But this essential tool has an Achilles’ heel: emails are transmitted in plain text by default, leaving the door wide open to potential security risks. Unauthorized third parties can easily read the content of the email.

In this context, email phishing is particularly alarming. In the SOES report 2021, for example, forty percent of the companies surveyed stated that their email security was insufficient. Alarmingly, 13 percent of these companies did not even have an email security system to ward off various types of email phishing. This is despite the fact that a single targeted attack can cost a medium-sized company several hundred thousand euros.

While many believe that large companies are the main target of cybercriminals, it is often the small and medium-sized companies that are targeted. This is because email security is often overlooked in these organizations.

It is all the more important to emphasize the importance of email security to your customers. This works on several levels. First, the transmission of the email itself must be encrypted. At the same time, the risk must be reduced that the email will be phished on the server or in the recipient’s inbox. Therefore, the content of the email must also be encrypted.

This is where Secudos‘ file transfer solution Qiata comes into play. It helps companies securely and traceably exchange files of any kind. The main features of Qiata are:

  • Simple file exchange: Sending small to large files via Outlook, desktop client, or web browser.
  • Security: The File Encryption Option breaks down the files and stores them highly encrypted. They are no longer readable with physical access. Not even for the administrator.
  • Traceability: Audit log for all activities; notification of file downloads.
  • Integration: Connection to existing systems such as mail servers; XML API for CRM/ERP integration. • GDPR compliance: Supports the secure transmission of personal data.
  • Teamwork: TEAMTransfer for secure and efficient file exchange in teams.
  • Customization: Branding options to build trust with business partners.
  • Cost reduction: Savings through electronic document delivery.

In a time when digital communication and data exchange are part of daily business, it is all the more important for companies to ensure the security of their communication with reliable tools.

Qiata by Secudos is the comprehensive solution for this. It is not just another security tool, but an investment in the security of the future. Support your customers against the growing threats in cyberspace and help them regain control over their digital communication.

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