JetBrains: Increased Subscription Pricing for IDEs, .NET Tools, and the All Products Pack

Aug 1, 2022 | Blog, News, Resources

Since the introduction of subscriptions 7 years ago, JetBrains has not increased the pricing of their IDEs, .NET Tools, or the All Products Pack. During this time, JetBrains has introduced new products that have been included at no extra cost to everyone using the latter. They are also one of the few companies that lowers the cost of subscriptions up to 40% when you renew.

However, JetBrains is at the point where they need to increase the subscription prices. The new prices will affect IDEs, .NET Tools, dotUltimate, and the All Products Pack, and will come into effect on October 1, 2022.

Here you can find the current and new prices:

Product Current Price (EUR) New Price (EUR)
IntelliJ IDEA 649.00 779.00
PyCharm 199.00 249.00
PhpStorm 199.00 249.00
GoLand 199.00 249.00
DataGrip 199.00 229.00
CLion 199.00 229.00
DataSpell 199.00 229.00
RubyMine 199.00 229.00
WebStorm 129.00 159.00
ReSharper 299.00 349.00
ReSharper C++ 199.00 229.00
Rider 349.00 419.00
dotUltimate 399.00 469.00
All Products Pack 649.00 779.00
Code With Me Premium 100.00 110.00


Prepay at the current price for more than one year

For both new and existing customers, JetBrains is extending the maximum permissible renewal period. This is now three years for individual subscriptions, and two years for business subscriptions. While this will require an upfront payment, it will allow you to renew at the current price for more than one year.

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