JetBrains TeamCity 2022.04 is released

Jul 29, 2022 | Blog, News, Resources

TeamCity, the hassle-free CI and CD server from the developer tooling experts at JetBrains, has revealed a slew of enhancements to slash timeframes for code reviews and improve project maintenance.

“Users who run their builds in the cloud will love the improved integration with Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront, as well as the new option of managing Cloud Profiles programmatically,” explains JetBrains’ Alexander Rassokhin.
“There are a number of improvements to VCS integrations, new configuration options, and many great updates to the user interface.”

TeamCity 2022.04 includes enhancements such as the Parallel Tests feature, improved integration with Amazon AWS, built-in code quality analysis, and updated VCS integrations, to name a few.

With the Parallel Tests feature, developer teams can execute tests in parallel, distributing them intelligently across multiple build agents — speeding up testing significantly.
“Unlike any other CI/CD solution, this feature takes into account not only the latest run, but also the history of your tests,” explains Rassokhin.

Develop creatively at pace, in cloud

Users can freely refactor their code, ‘break’ tests, and do whatever they think is best for their project, while preserving pipeline agility and parallelisation of testing. Integration testing can be up to ten times faster, according to a customer testimonial.
In addition, users can eliminate bugs and improve software quality with advanced code quality inspections — alongside other new actions, from static analysis checks to duplicate exposure and beyond, powered by JetBrains Qodana.

And because more customers are moving to the cloud, TeamCity 2022.04 offers enhanced integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) as well as fresh configuration options.
With Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3 for freely scaling build infrastructure, version 2022.04 allows build artifacts to be stored in Amazon S3, and existing artifacts moved from TeamCity’s local storage to Amazon S3.
“This is particularly useful for teams who are just starting their migration from a self-hosted setup to a cloud platform and want to take full advantage from the outset,” explains Rassokhin.

Smarter VCS integrations also improve the integration with JetBrains Space, adding in support for merge requests.

To help organisations reduce development costs further, native support for Amazon CloudFront means users can work with artifacts cached on the nearest edge locations provided by AWS, and Kotlin DSL has been extended to allow individual cloud profile configs for every project. The full JetBrains blog details more updates.

TeamCity is just one of the fantastic developer tools available from Compuwave as part of QBS Technology Group.

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