BitRaser File Eraser 

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Stellar BitRaser File Eraser is a DIY software for permanent wiping of sensitive files, web browsing history, app & system traces, and deleted files from a laptop, desktop, and external storage media. The tool secures your personal data from falling into the wrong hands.

The software packs world-class data erasure technology to give you a failsafe assurance of personal data protection. It uses specialized erasure standards, ensuring that data once erased cannot be recovered by using any tool or technique.

  • Wipe PC, external hard drive, USB storage, SD card & more
  • Erase sensitive files such as identity documents, tax records, etc.
  • Wipe clean web browsing history from Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, etc.
  • Remove app traces from the system to avoid breach and misuse
  • Preset the tasks for automatic wiping at specified time & frequency