BitTitan MigrationWiz

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Easy to use and automated migration wizard!

No special training or certifications required, no software or hardware to install. The easy to use wizard interface takes the complexity out doing migrations.

Main features:

  • Zero downtime - Zero impact, zero downtime. Our products are invisible to your customer’s environment so you aren’t interrupting their work.
  • Secure & Compliant - Secure data transfers – data is encrypted at all times. PCI, HIPPA, Privacy Shield, EU Model Clauses, AES, SOC, ISO.
  • 100% Cloud  for Cost Savings - Initiate and run migrations, any time from anywhere. MigrationWiz is delivered from the cloud at a fraction of the cost.
  • Scalable - Streamlined UI to manage and run projects regardless of size or migration scenario. It’s enterprise level scalability.

Grow with the tools you need, as you need them.
4 tiers:

Mailbox Migration

  • Many sources to destinations
  • Handle projects of any size
  • Initiate migrations anywhere
  • Zero customer downtime

User Migration Bundle

  • Mailboxes
  • Documents
  • Personal archives
  • Outlook configuration

Public Folder Migration

  • Advanced filter options
  • Maintain existing heirarchy
  • Translate permissions
  • Zero customer downtime

Microsoft Teams Migration

Migrate teams, channels, conversations, files and more within MigrationWiz. MigrationWiz supports the migration of the following components:

  • Teams: the top-level Groups comprised of a user base, file site, and Channels. There may be several Teams in the organization’s broader instance and users may belong to multiple Teams
  • Channels: within each Team, Channels are individual sections that contain a threaded Conversation tab and file folders
  • Conversation History: the central discussion threads specific to each channel. This does not include private or group chats between users in the same tenant or a federated tenant
  • User Permissions: the governance behind the entire Teams instance, including access control for users to each Team
  • Files: documents stored on a SharePoint site specific to each Team with subfolders for each Channel

Move mailboxes, data, archives, and more from nearly any Source to any Destination: 

Sources mailboxes Destinations mailboxes
Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft Office 365 (China) Microsoft Office 365 (China)
Microsoft Office 365 (Germany) Microsoft Office 365 (Germany)
Microsoft Office 365 (Government) Microsoft Office 365 (Government)
G Suite On-Premises Exchange 2007+
Hosted Exchange 2007+ Hosted Exchange 2007+
Lotus Notes 6.5+ G Suite
IMAP Amazon WorkMail
Novell GroupWise 7+ Open-Xchange
On-Premises Exchange 2007+ IMAP
On-Premises Exchange 2003/SBS *


Sources documents Destinations documents
Microsoft OneDrive for Business Microsoft OneDrive for Business
Microsoft SharePoint Online Microsoft SharePoint Online
Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010+ Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010+
Microsoft Windows File System Google Drive
Google Drive Dropbox


Sources personal archives Destinations personal archives
Microsoft Office 365 Archives Microsoft Office 365 Archives
On-Premises Exchange 2007+ Microsoft Office 365
Google Vault Microsoft Office 365 (China)
PST Files Microsoft Office 365 (Germany)
Microsoft Office 365 (Government)
On-Premises Exchange 2007+
G Suite
PST Files