Canvas Studio

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Canvas Studio is the next-generation video education platform for K–12 teaching and learning.

Robust, easy-to-use tools let you create and deliver interactive learning experiences that hold kids’ attention and stand up to distractions. Students can produce and submit their own video creations in Studio, and can easily collaborate and comment on each other’s work. Everybody stays engaged.

Powerful Features:

  • Your own media library
  • Easy uploadds & imports
  • Engagement statistics
  • Live video integrations
  • Better professional development

Canvas Studio can be used to provide instruction, exams, and other learning options.

Add questions to the timeline for students to answer as they watch. Set up quizzes to instantly give kids feedback on their answers—and submit their grades to the Gradebook. Watch videos students submit and make inline comments as you go. Use SpeedGrader to apply rubrics and provide quick, targeted feedback on their work. Assign videos based on differentiated learning paths.