Code With Me (Team Tool)

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Code With Me is a new collaborative development and pair programming service. It enables you to share the currently opened project in your IDE with others, and work on it together in real time.

To host your own Code With Me sessions, install a JetBrains IDE. Code With Me is compatible with IntelliJ IDEA, AppCode, CLion, GoLand, PhpStorm, PyCharm, RubyMine, and WebStorm.


  • Simultaneous editing
  • Following
  • Full sync mode
  • Audio calls
  • Video calls
  • Permissions management

The latest 2021.1 builds of IntelliJ IDEA (Community and Ultimate), WebStorm, PyCharm (Community and Professional), PhpStorm, CLion, GoLand, and RubyMine have Code With Me integrated and ready for use!
For AppCode, Code With Me is available as a plugin that you can download from the Marketplace.

The Community Plan is free of charge and gives you a great option to obtain a collaborative coding experience and test Code With Me’s feature-rich functionality. With the Community Plan, you can create an unlimited number of 30-minute sessions and invite up to 3 guests to your IDE. Need more time? Just create a new session and share a new link with your peers. Or consider upgrading to the Premium plan!

The Premium Plan works perfectly for bigger teams and those who need more time and space for collaboration. With a Premium subscription, you can also create an unlimited number of shared sessions, but you won’t have any time limit per session. Also, it allows you to invite up to 50 guests.

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