dbForge product line

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dbForge is a product line aimed at database specialists who deal with popular database management systems like SQL Server, MySQL/MariaDB, Oracle, and PostgreSQL.

The product line includes:

  • dbForge Edge – a powerful IDE that covers all database-related tasks on SQL Server, MySQL/MariaDB, Oracle, and PostgreSQL with a single solution.
  • dbForge Studios – multi-featured IDEs tailored for specific database management systems. Each Studio is a powerful and consistent toolset that meets all user's needs on a definite RDBMS.
  • dbForge tools – specialized software tools that resolve concrete tasks on particular providers. Separate tools deliver such functionality as code writing assistance, database comparison and synchronization, query construction and editing, test data generation, database documentation, and many more.

With dbForge, users can work more efficiently, save time, and get rid of tiresome manual routines. A convenient visual interface and robust functionality come with every solution, from the most powerful dbForge Edge IDE to any specialized stand-alone tool.