Intel oneAPI Base Toolkit

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oneAPI is a cross-industry, open, standards-based programming model that provides a common developer experience across accelerator architectures. oneAPI includes developer tools to provide a common programming model, simplifying application development across different computer architectures.

But different architectures typically require unique languages, tools, and libraries—adding complexity for developers and limiting code reuse. This makes it hard to take advantage of cross-architecture solutions and inefficient to optimize application performance.

oneAPI is an industry initiative creating an open, standards-based, cross-architecture programming model to simplify development for a wide range of data-centric workloads across a variety of architectures. It includes a cross-architecture language, Data Parallel C++ (DPC++), based on ISO C++ and Khronos Group’s SYCL, plus advanced libraries and performance analysis tools.


  • Wide range: CPU, GPU, matrix (AI) and FPGA architectures
  • High usability
  • Separate code bases, multiple programming languages and different tools such as workflows
  • Powerful libraries of one API across multiple workload domains
  • Lets you get all of your hardware’s value
  • Lets you quickly and confidently develop performant code with the aid of cross-architecture libraries and advanced tools
  • Easily integrate with legacy codeincluding migratingCUDA code to DPC++
  • Get an open alternative to single-vendor/proprietarylock-infor easy architecture retargeting


Free Upgrade:
All registered users of Intel Parallel Studio and Intel System Studio with active support will be given an option to upgrade to the oneAPI product that matches their existing product at no cost.

  • If the user chooses the free upgrade option, their existing legacy product will be retired and a new serial number will be issued with the same support end date as their legacy product.
  • After upgrading to oneAPI, users are entitled to all version updates and upgrades Intel issues for oneAPI as long as their support contract is active. To continue support, eligible users can purchase oneAPI SSR SKUs.
  • If the user does not choose to upgrade to oneAPI, they can continue to use their existing product but will not receive any new version updates (unless security bugs are fixed). They can only stay on the version they currently own.
  • For users with active support, the free upgrade link will continue to be available as long as support is active for their license. Once support expires, the free upgrade option will no longer be available.
  • Users with post-expiry support can purchase a post-expiry SSR SKU for their existing product to activate their support. They will then receive a link for a free upgrade to oneAPI as part of their service and support agreement.