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Packet Capture and Analysis

Enterprise Packet Capture Software for Monitoring and Troubleshooting Very Large Complex Networks
Optimized for high-performance packet capture and search, LiveCapture appliances extend visibility with advanced visual analysis of network, application, VoIP, and security issues at remote sites and branches, WAN links, and data centers.

Optimize the Performance of Your Remote Network and Applications
Quickly troubleshoot and resolve poor application performance at branch offices, WAN links, and data centers.

  • Capture Packets at Branch Offices, WAN Links, and Data Center
    LiveCapture products allow you to capture packet data from branch offices all the way to WAN links and beyond
  • Seamlessly Analyze with Omnipeek
    LiveCapture seamlessly integrates with Omnipeek for best-in-class protocol analysis.
  • Optimize Application Performance
    Easily and quickly capture packets to troubleshoot applications, such as VoIP and video, using deep forensic analysis.

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