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Network Monitoring for Service Providers

Network Performance Monitoring and Reporting for Global Service Providers (GSP) and Managed Service Providers (MSP)
Gain full visibility, monitoring, and reporting for multi-tenant networks enabling best-in-class service delivery and assurance.

Network Monitoring - Solutions for Service Providers
LiveSP network monitoring and reporting platform helps suppliers deliver value-added services to their customers.

  • Unify Network Data
    Collect, analyze, and report on diverse network telemetry datasets generated by network devices (CPEs, PEs, and SDWAN controllers) or directly from packets with the ability to scale from a few to thousands of sites.
  • Optimize Application Performance and End-User Experience
    Gain full visibility into your clients’ unique network infrastructure and create differentiation with value-added services.
  • Deliver Customized Visibility and Assurance Workflows
    Build customized reports and dashboards or select from pre-defined templates thereby accelerating the delivery of value-added services.

LiveAction LiveSP