OpenText XM Fax

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Digital faxing exchanges paperless fax messages, without traditional fax machines and devices. Often referred to as efaxing, users exchange electronic faxes, typically within email or desktop applications. Enterprise platforms, such as SAP® and Oracle, can be integrated to send and receive faxed documents automatically.

OpenText™ digital fax solutions automate time-intensive, document-driven processes and provide a secure, trackable and auditable form of information exchange that is easy to use and cost effective.

OpenText digital fax solutions are Epic certified and available in App Orchard, enabling paperless, easy-to-use digital faxing that reduces costs and increases HIPAA compliance.

  • Flexible deployment options
    Offers multiple deployment options, including fully managed services, on-premises, hybrid and cloud, to meet current and future requirements.
  • Modern, scalable solutions
    Ensures business continuity with ultra-high availability and scales up or down, as needed, on-premises or in the OpenText Cloud.
  • Pervasive integrations
    Includes packaged integrations to enterprise applications that are configurable to streamline fax-dependent business processes.
  • Rich integrations for EHR-agnostic content exchange
    Delivers any type of document as a fax or wrapped in a structured format to and from any EHR system and offers the most pre-built integrations on the market.
  • Visibility and analytics
    Optimizes faxing with rich out-of-the box reporting and analytics for both historic and current exchanges.
  • Conversion to structured data
    Extracts fax document content with capture technology to further automate and optimize business processes.