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What is Space?

JetBrains Space is an integrated team environment that provides teams and organizations with the tools they need to work together effectively and efficiently. It has Git-based version control, code review, automation (CI / CD) based on Kotlin scripts, package repositories, planning tools, issue trackers, chats, blogs, meetings and team directory, among others.

Why JetBrains Space?

JetBrains Space makes it possible to work together quickly with different teams via a single platform. Thus, the use of JetBrains Space reduces your toolchain and at the same time you will quickly notice how much faster you are working on joint projects. The use of JetBrains Space will have a positive effect on your cost structure.

Who is the target group?

JetBrains Space is primarily for creative minds in a company who work together on projects. These can be different departments such as marketing, sales, management or many other areas.

Will Space replace other team tools?

JetBrains Space won't replace the other team tools like TeamCity, YouTrack and UpSource. On the contrary! JetBrains Space can be supplemented with TeamCity, YouTrack, UpSource and Hub!

JetBrains Space Video

One single tool to cover all collaboration and development processes:

• Teams • Chats • Issues • Dashboards • Blogs • Articles • CI/CD Pipelines • VCS • Code Review • Permissions • Packages • Quick Actions • Top-Down Planning • IDE Integration • Office Maps • Meetings • Vacations • Business Trips • and many more

Helpful Resources about Space

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