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Easy benchmark automation

Testdriver On-Premises Edition

Benchmarks are essential tools for testing and comparing PC performance. But manually benchmarking more than a few systems at a time quickly becomes time-consuming. And reporting is a challenge if you have to collect result files in person.

Testdriver makes benchmark automation easy. With Testdriver, you don't have to be physically present at the PCs you are testing. You can deploy and run benchmarks on any PC in your organisation from one central control console.

You can schedule benchmark runs, check the running status, and view benchmark results from any device on your network. Testdriver handles the remote installation and running of the benchmarks and automatically returns the results to a central database. With its powerful features and options, Testdriver makes it easy to benchmark hundreds, even thousands of PCs at a time.

  • Save your company time and money with easy benchmark automation.
  • Set up, schedule, and run benchmarks on any PC connected to your network.
  • Testdriver supports an unlimited number of client systems and runs.
  • Collect and store all benchmark results in one central database automatically.
  • Powerful built-in reporting, charts, and data analysis.
  • Supports UL benchmarks: PCMark 10, PCMark 8, 3DMark, 3DMark 11 & VRMark.
  • Deploy and run third-party benchmarks, applications, and system updates.
  • Simple to setup and use, Testdriver runs on any Windows PC or server.
Testdriver Cloud Edition

PC performance testing in a large computing environment doesn’t have to be complex and time-consuming. Testdriver Cloud Edition offers simplicity and ease of use, without sacrificing speed or reliability. With cloud-based benchmark automation software, you can easily test and monitor systems in multiple locations remotely.

You can improve IT efficiency by testing an unlimited number of devices simultaneously. With features designed specifically for IT professionals who manage a large computing environment, Testdriver Cloud Edition helps make mass remote endpoint performance testing, monitoring, reporting fast and easy.

  • Save time and effort by replacing manual endpoint performance testing with cloud-based, centrally managed, automated remote testing.
  • Improve performance testing and monitoring efficiency with benchmark automation.
  • Schedule runs on an unlimited number of endpoints without affecting employee productivity.
  • Gain reliable performance insight into the endpoints in your systems environment with proactive monitoring and easy reporting.

Which version of Testdriver is right for me?

Cloud Edition

  • Cloud-based convenience with no database or server setup required
  • Supports recurring scheduled runs with user-defined baselines
  • Easy trend monitoring of organizational and individual PC performance
  • Supports PCMark 10 benchmarks today with more tests coming soon

On-Premises Edition

  • Custom settings with on-premises test server and result database
  • Supports single-run scheduling from any device on the network
  • Flexible benchmark results reporting with search, sort, and filters
  • Supports UL benchmarks and third-party tests