Threema Work: The Secure Business Messenger

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Threema Work is a secure and privacy-compliant instant messenger for businesses. It is particularly useful for fast and efficient communication between employees, non-desktop workers, top-level management, and third parties. The chat app offers all features employees expect from a modern chat app, including single and group chats, a desktop version, and various call options. The comprehensive management cockpit allows administrators to define the ways in which employees can use the app, control app settings, and enforce corporate policies. Thanks to consistent end-to-end encryption and full GDPR compliance, Threema Work is perfectly suited to exchange confidential and sensitive information within the company and with external stakeholders – making it the ideal complement to existing collaboration tools.




Suited for Confidential Communication
Thanks to its focus on security, consistent end-to-end encryption, and metadata restraint, Threema Work is the ideal communication channel to exchange confidential, sensitive, and classified information. It’s not required to provide an email address or phone number, which further protects the employees privacy.

User and App Management
The intuitive management cockpit allows for professional user management. Thanks to the extensive configuration options, you can rest assured that the Threema Work app is used in line with your corporate policies.

Top-Down Communication
Threema Broadcast is the perfect tool for efficient and targeted employee communication. Reach your entire staff, specific departments, and external recipients through feeds, distribution lists, chat bots, and group chats. You can also conduct polls and receive read receipts for important messages.

Automation and Integration
Increase your efficiency and cut costs: The Threema Gateway API allows you to automate processes and use your own software to send, receive, and process Threema messages.

Best possible protection of sensitive communication content and personal data from third-party access

Full Legal Compliance: Threema Work is 100% GDPR-compliant.

Strong encryption of chats and files

Separate Personal and Professional Communication: Internal contacts are labeled with a distinct verification level, it is recognizable at a glance whether a contact is part of the organization or not.

Supports: Android, iOS, desktop app, and web client


Threema OnPrem: For the Highest Security Requirements 🔒

Threema OnPrem is the self-hosted version of the secure messaging solution Threema Work. The self-contained chat environment and the self-hosted administration console ensure that you have full control over server, software, and data. Suited for organizations with strict security requirements that can’t afford to take risks regarding internal communication.

The self-contained communication environment ensures the strongest protection against industrial espionage, malware, CEO Fraud, phishing, ransomware, etc.




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Threema is a pioneer of secure instant messaging solutions for individuals and organizations and offers the best-selling secure messenger. More than 11 million users in Europe and beyond already use the Swiss company’s services, which are focused on consistent metadata restraint and privacy protection. Among them are two million users in over 7,500 companies, organizations, government agencies, and schools who use the business solution Threema Work. Well-known corporations such as Mercedes-Benz Group, Allianz, Edeka, and TK Elevator use Threema Work as their internal messenger. Many small and medium-sized companies as well as public institutions (e.g., ADAC, Switzerland’s federal administration, and the city of Frankfurt am Main) also use the service.

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