XSplit Presenter

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Deliver awesome presentations from anywhere!

Import your Google Slides or Microsoft Powerpoint presentation, easily add videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or your computer and connect to your Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, or any other platform to easily give your presentation more flair!

Works with:

  • Make your presentations more personal by becoming a part of the presentation
    Easily add your webcam on top of your presentation and activate your virtual green screen to remove the background in a snap.
  • Annotate your presentation in real-time
    A virtual presentation needs a virtual pointer. Help your viewers focus on the right things at the right time with quick and easy annotations that draw their attention.
  • Keep your desktop private while still being able to share windows and applications
    Want to show a website or application to illustrate a point during a Q&A? Select and add specific windows or applications to your presentation with a few simple clicks without needing to share your entire screen and avoid any privacy pitfalls.
  • Record your presentation and upload to Youtube
    Presenter allows you to easily create a video of your presentation to share asynchronously with friends, colleagues, customers, or partners. Simply take the video and upload it to your favorite video platforms or have it automatically synced.
  • and many more...

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