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Yoffix Hybrid Work Plattform for MS Teams

Yoffix is an intuitive, all-in-one platform for managing hybrid work. Easily implement a flexible office with shared desks, bring people together on site and optimise office use.



✔️ Productive collaboration: 50 % more face-to-face meetings in the office
✔️ Efficient office use: optimise office space and costs by > 50
✔️ Better meetings: 20% higher utilisation of meeting rooms
✔️ Well organised: efficient desk sharing and attendance management
✔️ Satisfied employees: 35% fewer resignations, sensible office days
✔️ Full transparency: find colleagues easily and optimise hybrid set-up


Key Features

  • Office Builder: flexible office layout with 3D floor plans & asset allocation
  • Work week planning: office/home office and co-ordination with colleagues
  • Desk booking: Book workspace by hour/day/week in 2 clicks
  • Room booking: Find and book available rooms, check-in function
  • Parking booking: perfectly integrated with Desk Booking
  • Check-in at the office: to avoid no-shows on booked days
  • Customisation: booking period, notifications, etc.
  • SpaceScreen: quickly find free workstations and colleagues in the office
  • Dashboard: valuable insights into office utilisation and attendance
  • Integrations: MS 365/Teams (incl. AD, SSO), Slack, Google, Personio, etc.


User triumphs: Success stories with the intelligent and intuitive Yoffix solution


Howden - global engineering company

"Yoffix's solution helped us to manage office attendance, optimize office capacity by 30% and avoid over bookings. Yoffix was received very well by our Howden team - it is easy to use and very helpful for day-to-day office operations."

- David Apfelthaler, Howden Aftermarket


Salto - leading door access and software company

"Yoffix is a nice, user-friendly platform which as Personio integration partner, took hardly any time to set up. Our staff really enjoy the Yoffix Slack bot, where you can easily plan your week and view who is at the office each day, which inadvertently encourages a more contrived approach to visitation."

- Wilma Georgeson, Salto Clay