YouTrack (Team Tool)

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What is YouTrack by JetBrains?

YouTrack is a project management tool packed with features that streamline your work and increase productivity on any team project. From software development and DevOps to HR and marketing, all kinds of teams can use YouTrack’s functionality to easily track and collaborate on projects of any size. It’s available with cloud or on-premises hosting and packed with features to streamline your work and increase productivity.
YouTrack supports direct integration with GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Space, Gitea, and Gogs. Connections to other version control systems are supported by integrating with Upsource and TeamCity.

➡️ Tasks
➡️ Knowledge Base
➡️ Agile Boards
➡️ Gantt Charts
➡️ Reports
➡️ Helpdesk
➡️ Workflows



JetBrains YouTrack Certification

  • Enhanced Support: With these certifications, our team is equipped to provide you with even more in-depth support and guidance for Jetbrains products.
  • Faster Issue Resolution: We can now resolve issues more efficiently, ensuring that you experience minimal disruptions and maximize productivity.
  • Access to Expertise: You gain access to our certified experts who can help you leverage Jetbrains tools to their fullest potential.