QBS and DocuSign: Shaping the digital transformation

Sep 26, 2023 | Blog

The world is changing at a breathtaking pace. While topics such as “autonomous driving” and “service robots” used to cause a stir, today AI, especially ChatGPT, is coming into focus.

It’s undeniable: digital transformation is not only shaping the way we work, but also influencing the way companies communicate and how technology redefines our security requirements. The opportunities for innovation and increased efficiency offered by modern technology are almost limitless. Information is now more accessible than ever before, and computers and artificial intelligence enable us to use, adapt and disseminate it in unprecedented ways.

Despite this, Germany ranks only 13th in Europe in 2022 in connectivity, digital skills, Internet use, integration of digital technology in businesses and digital public services (European Commission’s Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI)).

Therefore, now is the time to strengthen our digital presence and catch up. For this to work, digitalization should start on a small scale by optimizing some of your processes to increase efficiency while meeting EU requirements. That’s because the eIDAS (Electronic IDentification, Authentication and Trust Services) regulation has been in effect in Europe since July 2016, creating a uniform basis for trustworthy and permanently verifiable electronic business processes in Europe. It is an applicable law in all 27 EU member states.

With DocuSign, you can sign electronically while meeting all the requirements of eIDAS.

  1. upload.
  2. send.
  3. sign.
  4. done.

Fast! Easy! Risk-free!

Interested in simplifying your signature processes and complying with eIDAS requirements? Contact us today to learn more about DocuSign’s solutions and how QBS can help you implement them.

Together we are shaping the digital transformation!