Unlock Manual Patching Cross Platform With Cloud-Native ITOps From Automox

Oct 12, 2022 | Blog, News

We’re excited at QBS to introduce cloud-native endpoint management platform Automox to more partners and customers.
The difference with Automox is that it makes it easier to keep myriad endpoints patched, updated, secure and ready to go – regardless of operating system or location of the endpoint. No extra infrastructure or virtual private networking (VPN) is needed to take advantage of Automox’s cloud-native architecture, designed to ensure IT teams can create, customise and automate tasks and policies fast, across the entire environment.

Another benefit is that nine of every ten Automox customers are able to harden their critical infrastructure within a day of identifying a vulnerability that needs to be fixed. In addition, Automox is deployable in just 15 minutes, and you’ll be eliminating the laborious process of manual patching.

As QBS team confirms, “Automox was founded in 2015 to pursue a disruptive new vision: give IT operations teams the ability to act quickly and easily across all their endpoints. With Automox, IT admins have a recognisable impact on company success – and sleep better at night.”

Automox tells us too that their survey shows that 60% of industry professionals may be relying on more than 10 different endpoint management tools. Using one tool that works across different platforms instead of several, managing endpoints automatically from a single console, regardless of the domain or location involved, delivers clear benefits:

Admins can patch critical vulnerabilities faster — helping control costs as well as reduce the complexities that afflict modern business operations.

Automox also delivers continuous visibility of an organisation’s devices — allowing for the dynamic deployment of software and configuration of devices.

Features include cross-platform patch management, third-party patching, policy enforcement, role-based access control, configuration management, software distribution management and more.

In summary, with Automox you’ll get:

  • comprehensive endpoint visibility
  • lightweight patch agent for automated updating
  • easy API integrations
  • simplified patching across platforms
  • configuration management
  • easy ‘shadow’ apps removal
  • report generation
  • that chance to ditch clunky legacy tools

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( Image by Darwin Laganzon from Pixabay )