Founded in 2004, CoSoSys has established itself as a leading company in the field of data protection and security. The goal is to provide businesses with the unrestricted benefits of mobility, portability, and communication without compromising on security. CoSoSys specializes in developing proactive data protection solutions that ensure the secure integration of portable devices, PCs, notebooks, and mobile devices into business environments. The focus is on effectively preventing incidents involving confidential information, thus protecting the integrity of sensitive data.

CoSoSys’s comprehensive portfolio includes award-winning security products such as network device control, endpoint security, data loss prevention, and eDiscovery for Windows, macOS, and Linux. CoSoSys is known for its quick setup, high effectiveness, and efficiency, allowing IT administrators to protect networks seamlessly. User-friendly management is facilitated through the central, web-based control interface.

With prestigious awards such as the Gold Globee® Award and the Global InfoSec Award, CoSoSys underscores its commitment to excellence and innovation. Companies seeking top-notch data protection solutions can rely on CoSoSys to secure their networks in a safe, effective, and straightforward manner.



Christian Röttig
[email protected]
+49 (0) 89 231 4142 69

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