Endpoint Protector Enforced Encryption

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CoSoSys' Endpoint Protector Enforced Encryption is a cutting-edge security solution designed to safeguard sensitive data through enforced encryption measures.


Features that make this solution stand out:

  1. Automatic and Forced Encryption: Ensure the automatic and forced encryption of data on endpoint devices like computers, laptops, and USB devices immediately upon creation or storage, providing robust protection against unauthorized access.
  2. Policy-Based Control and Customization: Tailor your security with precise control through policy-based configurations. IT administrators can define encrypted data and customize policies to align with specific company requirements and compliance standards.
  3. Effective Data Loss Protection: Minimize the risk of data loss or theft by securing data stored on mobile devices or removable media, safeguarding it against unauthorized access.
  4. Seamless Integration into Existing Infrastructures: Experience a smooth implementation without impacting user productivity as our solution seamlessly integrates into your current IT infrastructure.
  5. Centralized Management for Optimal Control: Maintain full control over encryption policies through central management. This enables easy scaling, policy updates, and real-time monitoring of the encryption status across various endpoints.


Endpoint Protector Enforced Encryption stands as a robust solution, ensuring consistent and efficient protection of sensitive data through encryption, regardless of its location. Explore how our solution can elevate your data security efforts today!