Migrate Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 with MigrationWiz

Jan 13, 2023 | Blog, Resources

Using toolsets to perform all kinds of work in IT has long been a valuable exercise. Since time immemorial, there have been basic kits to get the job done more easily and efficiently. Much of this applies to the cloud today as well, as there are definitely ways to get tasks done using the “free” native tools. At a certain point and level of usage, it’s often worth weighing up whether the extra effort and processes required are worth it. Sometimes that’s not the case, especially when you want to involve others and hand off processes and tasks to a team that may not have the skills to be as fluent in PowerShell.

This is where tools like BitTitan MigrationWiz come in to fill this gap. In the following video, you can see how a migration from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 follows the BitTitan MigrationWiz toolset.

The following steps are shown:

  • Exporting user lists from Google
  • Creating a migration spreadsheet
  • Import users into Microsoft 365 and license them
  • Setting up the project in Migration Wiz
  • Preparing the Google Workspace environment for migration
  • Setting up Microsoft 365 to receive data and configure required permissions
  • Performing the permissions checks and migration tests
  • Looking at the advanced options for a migration of this type
  • Explaining the basic techniques for pre-migration and full migration
  • Performing the pre-migration
  • Demonstrating the impact on the M365 mailbox when the migration begins
  • Performing the cutover of MX records
  • Viewing the DNS tracker in the Worlds DNS servers
  • Performing the full migration
  • Confirming that the data for mail, calendar, and contacts has been migrated over

You’ll see that some areas of the migration still require a solid knowledge of how Google and Microsoft work technically, but the actual migration can be handled by others. The setup and configuration requires the most work.