Accelerate Root-Cause Analysis With LiveAction For Cloud Network Intelligence

May 15, 2023 | Blog, News

When third-party research firm TechValidate was brought in to assess what LiveAction had achieved for one large S&P 500 retailer, they confirmed improved visibility across the network, enabling faster root-cause analysis of issues.

The retailer had confirmed its struggles with understanding what was happening at datacentre and branch levels, including areas of wide area network (WAN) congestion due to application and software updates.

By partnering with LiveAction and QBS Software, customers and partners can enjoy advanced network monitoring capabilities ,including full flexible and granular reporting, dashboards and alerts — benefits proven to deliver faster problem diagnosis and root-cause analysis.

Customers can act on small and large network challenges, reducing risk without stalling productivity.

At a time when traditional approaches are increasingly insufficient, with breach and intrusion detection times lengthening, LiveNX delivers network-spanning observability to on-prem, WAN, SD-WAN, cloud and hybrid environments.

LiveAction’s LiveWire accelerates resolution of complex events, using forensic analysis of every part of the network and Omnipeek can enable analysis of network protocols.

At the same time, LiveAction’s LiveSP delivers network monitoring that’s designed specifically for services providers.

LiveAction SaaS-based network detection and response (NDR) also includes ThreatEye, which detects and responds to network threats even in encrypted traffic with AI-driven behavioural analytics.

The LiveAction network intelligence platform delivers confidence end to end via single pane of glass monitoring of networks and applications, ensuring IT can fully and securely support business objectives and decision-making for reduced cost.

With a third-party cloud monitoring solution from LiveAction, customers and partners achieve application path visualisation across different interfaces, resource utilisation tracking, behavioural analysis of different tunnel traffic, baseline performance comparisons, as well as intuitive data visualisations and presentation.

Cloud environments have changed the game for network monitoring, making legacy tools increasingly ‘blind’. That means considering fresh approaches to network intelligence, including threat detection.

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(Photo by Jusdevoyage on Unsplash )